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Memories 2014 - Updated 30th November, 2014


Memories 2014 - 30th November 2014


Help Wanted - 17th December 2014
Anderton Street

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Memories - January 2012-13

Barford Road School

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Osler Street School

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Ladywood Sport

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Memories - April 2001-07

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Ladywood Map 1974 and 1952


Alston Street

Alexandra Street

Anderton Street

Barford Road

Barker Street

Bath Row

Beech Street

Bellis Street

Bishopsgate Street

Broad Street

Browning Street

Blythe Street

Cambridge Street

Camden Street

Chequers Walk

Clark Street

Clement Street

Commercial Street

Cope Street

Coplow Street

Coxwell Road

Dudley Road

Edward Street

Essington Street

Eyre Street

Five Ways

Freeth Street

Friston Street

Grosvenor Street

Garbett Street

Gilby Road

Glebe Street

Gt. Tindal Street

Granville Street

Hagley Road

Hyde Road

Ingleby Street

Icknield Port Road

Icknield Street

Icknield Square

Irving Street

Islington Row

Johnstone Street

King Alfred's Place

King Edward's Place

King Edward Road

Ladywood Road

Leach Street

Ledsam Street

Marroway Street

Monument Road

Morville Street

Nelson Street

New Spring Street

Northbrook Street

Oliver Road

Oozells Street

Osler Street

Parker Street

Rann Street

Rawlin Street

Reservoir Road

Ruston Street

Ryland Street


Shakespeare Road

Sheepcote Street

Sherborne Street

Springfield Street

Spring Hill

Spring Hill Passage

St. Mark's Street

St. Martin's Street St. Mary's Street St. Peter's Place

St. Vincent Street

Steward Street Stoke Street

Stour Street

Summerhill Street

Summerhill Road

Tennant Street

The Parade

Waterworks Road

Wiggin Street

William Street

Wood Street







Ladywood Schools

Barford Road

Camden Street

Icknield Street School

Nelson Street

Osler Street

Piggott Street

Steward Street

St. Barnabas

St. George's

St. John's 

St. Mark's

St. Patrick's


St. Peter's

The Oratory





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St. John's Church

St. Mark's Church

St. Marks Estate 40th Birthday

Then and Now

Tower Ballroom

War Time in Ladywood


Victor Yates


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