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3rd August 2016

Memories of Pat and John James



Coronation 1953, photo taken in a courtyard at the back of 40 Blythe Street.


John James on the left; Tony James at the back holding a balloon.


Robert James wearing a Busby and Brendan Scott standing next to him.


Does anybody recognise who else is on the photo?


Many thanks to John and Pat for this photograph


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17th March 2016

Memories of David Hollingsworth


This photo shows myself, mum and my sister Pauline about 1948 on the doorstep at 50 Blythe Street





23rd November 2015

Memories of Ron Hampton

Have recently been sent the link for this great site that evokes all sorts of memories from my growing up in the early fifties, and just felt I had to comment.


Unfortunately, I do not have any photographs to post, only wonderful memories of Ladywood. Some I will share hoping it will remind others who lived in and around the area.


My name is Ronald (Ron) Hampton, I lived in 6/66 Blythe Street, from the early 1950s, followed by a move to William Street, (I cannot remember the number but it was about six houses down from the Fruit shop) in the mid-fifties, where we lived until the beginning of the sixties.


My memory is vague on who lived in our yard in Blythe except for the family who lived on the opposite side in the middle. Mr and Mrs Jessop, mainly because they were only of two houses in the yard with electricity, the other one was the house on the opposite side. I have fond memories of the Jessops inviting me in the house to watch the TV, feeding and watering me while watching programmes like, the Cisco Kid, Roy Rogers etc. Mr Jessop used to drive a Coach (Charabanc!) and occasionally used let me help clean it out, picking up all the rubbish left behind, handing him any money/personal items found. Then Mrs Jessop would feed me cakes and pop. They had a Son and Daughter, I cannot remember her name, and I think his name was Lawrence, both were at University. I believe Lawrence tragically died in an accident not too long after leaving university.      


We moved to William Street as part of the redevelopment of the area.


William Street


I attended Osler Street School and left at Easter 1959. Most of the teachers from that time have been mentioned, but the one who had the most positive effect on me was Mr Sara. I was in the B stream, not very studios or academic until after a couple of years after I left school, but he left an impression on me that carried me on to be moderately successful in most aspects of my life.


The one teacher not mentioned was Mr Ivan or Ivor Powell, he was Welsh, young compared to the rest of the teachers.


Also in method of teaching, telling us stories during lessons, of what he did and where he had been on his travels since leaving University and ending up at our School.


Amusingly we had a lad in our class and his name was Ivor or Ivan Powell, you can imagine the leg pulling Master Powell suffered! Mr Powell ran the rugby.


Well, I have rambled on a bit, but hopefully it may just trigger a long lost memory of one of your contributors, and if anyone just happens to remember me, feel free to drop me a line.




14th February 2011

22 Blythe Street, 1957

Hanging out the washing

The Vesper Bell, 1956

Blythe Street, 1956

Blythe Street

Blythe Street

Blythe Street

Blythe Street