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21st June 2020


14th August 1967



2nd January 2019

New Spring Street, 1968

New Spring Street, 1967

C. H White agent for Phillips


20th October 2015

New Spring Street corner of Icknield Street, 1968

New Spring Street, 1969


20th September 2015

157 New Spring Street, 1969

57 New Spring Street, 1961


11th May 2014

Photographs of Michael Drew's Family - 2/72 New Spring Street - Photographs are COPYRIGHT

Michael Drew and Michael Enright

Helen, Shirley and Mom

Granddad, Mom, Helen and Eileen

Aunt Celine, 1960's




Michael and Sparky

Christmas 1970's

Birthday Party



Celine and the 60's

with Eileen Wilkes, Stacey Oldfield, John Colbert and Michael Enright

Eileen Helen, Pauline, Granddad and Mom

Playing in the backyard


In the backyard

Michael in his "Parka"

The Family


6 December 2005

New Spring Street, 1967

Lamb Tavern, New Spring Street, 1967

Express Cleaners, New Spring Street

corner of George St. West

John Russell Ltd., New Spring Street, 1955