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28th May 2016


Browsing through the photographs in "Old Ladywood” I saw the pictures from St Patrick's school. It reminded me that I had a photograph, copy attached, which was taken around 1913/15. The young lad third from the left, centre row, is my father, George Rogers. Unbeknown to him at the time, he was standing next to the young girl on his right who was to become his sister-in-law when he married my mother in 1938. At the time this photo was taken my mother hadn't been born. The girl in the photo was my Mother's elder sister, Clara Parsons.


Photograph courtesy of Mike Rogers


15th September 2008


Photograph taken in 1956-57,

Headteacher at the time Mr. Lester


Kindly sent by Chris Pearce



1955 - Mr. Lester, Headteacher